BCS School Spotlight – BMS May 2022

BMS Bucks for a Buck

Submitted by BMS Principal Shelby Beasley

Kindness is not in short supply at Buchanan Middle School.  The daily motto on the student-led live newscast is, “Be bold, be your best, be a Buck, and most importantly be kind!” When it came time for the BMS Student Council to decide on their philanthropy project for the year, the group, consisting of student leaders from the fifth, sixth, and seventh grades, had a plethora of ideas. However, one particular idea hit close to home. 

BMS Student Council member Cora W. places a piece of duct tape on Ryan Frontczak during the final push of the Bucks for a Buck campaign, Photos submitted by BMS Principal Shelby Beasley

Ryan Frontczak, the club supervisor, commented, “The students had a lot of great ideas, but we kept coming back to the idea of wanting to ensure the cause we chose would benefit some of our own Bucks.” This is when “Bucks for a Buck” was born.  The student council decided to sponsor a short, week-long campaign to raise money for the DeVos Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids, MI.  Multiple students at BMS frequent this hospital for special appointments or have been there for various visits throughout this year and previous years. 

The kindness was definitely timely.  Around the same time as they were ready to kick off the campaign, one BMS student became suddenly ill and had to have an extended stay at DeVos.  The mission became relevant and personal. Donations were collected each morning throughout the week. To add a bit of fun to the cause, advisory classes held a competition to see which class could raise the most money in exchange for donuts. There also was the promise of turning building principal, Shelby Beasley, and dean of students, Ryan Frontczak, into two human ice cream sundaes if a certain amount was raised.  To cap off the event, on Friday students bought pieces of duct tape for $1 for the chance to duct tape Mr. Frontczak to the wall.  Students, and a few giggling staff members, raised $444 that morning alone and went through over 20 rolls of duct tape.  One student made a $60 donation and was handed his own entire roll of tape. 

BMS Bucks for a Buck, Photos submitted by BMS Principal Shelby Beasley

Overall, in one week’s time, the students of Buchanan Middle School raised $1,038.67 for the DeVos Children’s Hospital.  When Ryan Frontczak called to set up the donation, the hospital representative mentioned the money would go directly towards their patient bingo program.  Throughout the long days that patients stay at the hospital, bingo serves as a welcome activity and distraction. Mr. Frontczak said, “Knowing our Bucks for a Buck campaign will directly impact patients and bring smiles to their faces is what this is all about.” Needless to say, the Buchanan Middle School community was incredibly proud of the students’ efforts to generously give to a worthy cause, yet most importantly their continued mission to be kind.

The generous hearts of Buchanan Middle School raised $1,038.67 in one week for the DeVos Children’s Hospital. One student even donated his jar of change he collected for many years to the cause.

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