Local Faith – LifePlan Response to Recent Events

LifePlan Response to Recent Events

Submitted by Cheri Gamble, LifePlan Outreach Director

On Monday night, May 2, 2022 a document was leaked showing that the Supreme Court is planning on overturning the decisions that legalized abortion 50 years ago. This has resulted in strong feelings and renewed debate from both sides of the political aisle. As a pro-life pregnancy resource center, we have been asked what our strategy will be if the Supreme Court follows through with this decision and makes abortion illegal. Our response? Our strategy will remain the same as it has always been. 

We exist to spread the Gospel by helping people choose life and live a Hope-filled life. 

This means that we will continue loving those in our community who find themselves in unexpected pregnancies. We will continue to support women, men, and families before, during, and after pregnancy. We will continue to help women understand their options and we will continue to provide nonjudgmental support, regardless of the decision the woman makes. We will continue to provide help and healing for those who have been damaged by abortion and we will continue to grow our preventative programs such as our ReMade conference, school outreach, and STI clinic – helping the younger generations make choices that will hopefully keep them from needing to seek abortion in the first place.  And, through it all, we will continue to point people to Jesus – the true source of hope and life. 

If the decisions are overturned, the issue will most likely revert to the states, resulting in an unprecedented battle for life. When this happens, we would like to encourage you to connect with our friends at Right to Life of Michigan who have been preparing for this scenario for years. They will be able to answer your questions and let you know how you can become involved on a grassroots level in your community.  

Below you will find a video updating you on our ministry and future vision. When we recorded this video, we had no idea the news story that would break the very week we were planning to release it! As always, God’s timing is perfect. We would like to encourage you to show this video to your congregation sometime in the next few weeks so they can be encouraged with how God has already been working in our communities  — and so they can see how they can be part of making a difference for life!

Also, (more evidence of God’s perfect timing) we have a Baby Bottle Blitz scheduled for May-June. If your church is not already participating, this is the PERFECT time to get them involved as it is another practical way they can make a difference on this issue! Let us know if you want to participate and we will get you the bottles. 

Here’s the video:

LifePlan update video on YouTube

About LifePlan: Caring, confidential support to people facing pregnancy and family related issues is the focus of LifePlan of Niles, Michigan. All our services are offered without any discrimination, and often extend to the family or significant others related to the woman. Many of our clients come for a confidential pregnancy test, but also recieve maternity and baby clothing or other supplies. We strive to graciously provide an opportunity for each client to hear the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ. It is our ongoing support from our partners, sponsors and volunteers that allows LifePlan to continue serving those in need in our community.



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