Past Event – Arbor Day 2022 at Ottawa School

Arbor Day 2022 Tree Planting at Ottawa Elementary School, Photos by Rebecka Hoyt

Arbor Day 2022 Buchanan Tree Friends Planting at Ottawa Elementary School

by Rebecka Hoyt, Editor & Photographer

Buchanan Tree Friends started their Friday morning April 29, 2022 early at Ottawa Elementary School to plant 20 trees on Arbor Day. Distinguished speakers: Buchanan Tree Friends volunteers, Rich Martin and Beth Murphy; Buchanan City Mayor Sean Denison, and Buchanan Community Schools Superintendent Patricia Robinson were invited to cheer on the students as they took on the responsibility of caring for the trees with their classroom.

Kindergarteners and 1st graders listened very carefully with their Level 0 voices as Rich Martin told them about how trees help our community. Trees provide oxygen for us to breathe, take carbon dioxide out of the air, provide shade and make our community beautiful.

Mayor Sean Denison read a declaration from the Buchanan City Commission to make known that April 29, 2022 is Arbor Day in Buchanan, Michigan. Then the students were led in songs by teacher, Ms. Melissa Prestine that was about planting a seed and trees growing.

Each classroom is designated a certain tree by the color of the ribbon that is placed on the tree and the same color of label on their class’ watering can to care for that tree. Buchanan Tree Friends volunteer Beth Murphy handed out the cans to each teacher. Inside of the cans is a tag that each student will wear on their name tag saying how to do the 3 B’s for the trees. Principal Stacey Denison reminded them to:

  1. Be Respectful – they are the protectors of the trees.
  2. Be Responsible – they are watering the trees.
  3. Be Safe – their hands and feet are to themselves to keep the tree safe, and to stay away from the branches.

To properly plant the trees, members of the Buchanan Middle School Student Council along with advisor, Ryan Frontczak came out to help them as they had planted 30 trees at the middle school last fall. Other volunteers of the Buchanan Tree Friends: Beth Murphy, John Shaver, Richard Martin, Weston, Kinsley & Dayna (mom) MacClaren, Chuck Serene, Cole Martin, Elaine Rowland, Jerry Flenar Buchanan school board member Katie Berry, Redbud Roots employees, and Tony Houser of River St. Joe all helped out as well.

Thank you to Buchanan Tree Friends and the Ottawa Elementary School students and teachers for making our community even better!

About Buchanan Tree Friends: The Buchanan Tree Friends, working in concert with the city of Buchanan and its residents shall strive to improve the beauty of our city’s streets by maintaining and planting trees which will provide shade, environmental and health benefits to all inhabitants of Buchanan.

About Ottawa Elementary School: An Early Childhood Center
Our Mission: Nurturing hearts, Developing minds, Inspiring dreams.
Our Vision: Growing Little Bucks
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