The Clark Barker – Issue 27

Calling Volunteers

I’ve described a few volunteer opportunities below that my keen ears have heard about recently, see what YOU can do to help here in Buchanan!

MegaHurtz Robotics:

The Buchanan High School MegaHurtz Robotics Team needs help in a few ways:

  1. They do need more volunteers/mentors, and for more than just building a robot. I heard that if you can do business type stuff then that can help the team.
  2. Their new space is still being finished and they need more hands to help with some of the final steps; be looking for upcoming opportunities to jump in and help them complete their new place.
  3. Finally, with the expenses of the new space, donations will be the most helpful thing you can do for our local robotics team.

See my Editor, Rebecka Hoyt’s article in the last issue about Megahurtz HERE for all their contact information!

The Buchanan Chronicle:

Sports Reporters and Event Reporters are a couple volunteer positions that I keep hearing from my team would really help out The Buchanan Chronicle team!

  1. If you like baseballs being thrown in the air, watching home runs, kids running, kicking soccer balls, or hitting golf balls, then a Sports Reporter volunteer position is for you!
  2. How about attending local ribbon-cutting ceremonies, concerts at the Common, the Buchanan Farmers’ Market, and parades? Then an Event Reporter volunteer position is for you!

Send your resume and any questions to: 

By the way, this team likes to have fun!


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