BCS School Spotlight – BHS May 2022

Buchanan High School

Buchanan High School Seniors’ Poetry

by Rebecka Hoyt, Editor, with Student Writings submitted by Ms. Erica Neal, BHS English Teacher

At Buchanan High School, a few students in Ms. Erica Neal’s Senior English class have written some poetry and shared it with us, enjoy!

Speak Up
By Carolyn Lavery

They tell you to be quiet.
Stop talking. Calm down you’re too loud.
They tell you you take up way too much space.
Sit down. Shrink. You’re too proud.
They tell you your body hurts their eyes
Cover up. Cover up. Put on a disguise.

And now you are drowning in silence & clothes
You cover your thighs, and you contour your nose.

And now they are looking
Eyes squinted… they back up 
And they say
‘You’re too quiet, why dont you speak up”

By Bricen Rudlaff

When I think of you, you fill my mind;
There’s no more thinking room for me to find.
I’ve never had such thoughts before;
I’m lost in you, whom I adore.

I think no more of boring things,
Like the common pleasure that living brings.
I just think of you and I’m filled with dreams,
To keep your interest fills all my schemes.

Now this is no burden, for you do the same
And endless cycle, a sweet little game,
Although win or lose, our love remains plain

By plain I mean that there are no fights,
there’s no drunkenly knocked out lights,
No screaming matches, no tear filled sights.

By plain I mean simple, in a nice way
Our voices calm, smooth as clay
And our problems are solved, day to day
And that’s on knowing…
 Our love is here to stay.

By Shannon Center

Assignments for Senior English
Ms. Erica Neal, BHS English Teacher

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