Past Event – Miss Lighthouse Coast at Buchanan Farmers’ Market

Miss Lighthouse Coast 2022 at Buchanan Farmers’ Market, Photo by Rebecka Hoyt

Miss Lighthouse Coast Brings Inclusivity in Art at Buchanan Farmers’ Market

by Rebecka Hoyt, Editor & Photographer

If you went down to the Buchanan Farmers’ Market last Saturday May 28, you probably saw a special young lady wearing a crown and her name is Maya Schuhknecht. Maya is Miss Lighthouse Coast which is now in the running to be Miss Michigan for the Miss America organization!

Kids of all ages joined Maya while creating colorful chalk art drawings and sayings. The drawings consisted of: stars, hopscotch, trees, flowers, and one little girl drew all sizes of ice cream cones, etc… Maya loved the arts while she attended Buchanan High School class of 2019. She is currently attending Michigan State University.

She went on to say, “I am starting a non-profit to educate and advocate access to the arts. It’s a platform to share my thoughts.”

When asked about how she feels about being Miss Lighthouse Coast, Maya states: “It’s really great and pretty cool being Miss Lighthouse, an amazing opportunity and to represent my hometown Buchanan and state.” She will now make her way towards the Miss Michigan Pageant.

Buchanan is being well represented this year with our own Lillian Waggoner Miss Buchanan and Miss Blossomtime. Maya had also done Miss Blossomtime in the past. You can follow her journey on the Miss Lighthouse Coast Facebook page and find more details on that page for Miss Michigan as it will be held from June 16-18 in Muskegon.

Good luck to you Maya, Miss Lighthouse Coast 2022!

About Miss Lighthouse Coast: The Miss Lighthouse Coast Pageant is a proud local preliminary to the Miss Michigan pageant! Miss Lighthouse Coast 2022 is Maya Schuhknecht!


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