A Note from the Editor – Issue 30

by Rebecka Hoyt, Editor

Welcome to the 30th issue we have produced since March 20, 2021! Just like the school year that is now done, it goes by so fast. Compared to the last time I wrote my Note From the Editor, it is a rainy day as I sit at my dining room table. We do need the rain for our crops and flowers. I have flowers to plant, just have to get a day where I am not busy and plant them!

Do you have a garden or have you added flowers to your yard? Email us a photo to: buchananchronicle@att.net with your name, city, and state and we can put them in our next July 9 issue by Saturday, July 2nd to share the beauty of what is being added to your/our community.

For the month of July, our issues will be ready for you to read on Saturday, July 9 and Saturday, July 23. We are giving our team some time off from The Buchanan Chronicle during the 4th of July weekend. However, on July 23, please visit our bake sale booth at the Buchanan Farmers’ Market from 8am – 1pm. All sales/donations will go towards future printed issues.

Happy Readings,
Rebecka Hoyt

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