BCS Sports Highlight – Buchanan Baseball Wins State Championship 2022

Buchanan Baseball Wins State Championship Spring 2022

by Garrick Stubblefield, Writer, and Rebecka Hoyt, Photographer
Buchanan Bucks Baseball 2022, Photo by Rebecka Hoyt.

After a difficult 2021 season, Buchanan Bucks Baseball came back to prove something that would come in a dream come true. They had one mission on their minds and that was to bring the title home. Through a lot of unknowns, the team was riding a plane with a lot of turbulence. Through out the season the boys know if practice or a game would go on because of the rain we had. Minus that on their mind they switch direction and strive for that one thing which was win the championship. I happened to get a few words from the coach and players as the remainder of the team was doing autographs for the youngsters.

Coach Brawley: “these kids were so great this year that I had a good feeling this was the year. They not only played as a team they played championship caliber. When they were down, they fought back. I wish them luck in the future.”

Jack ~ 2nd base: “it was a bumpy ride all the way to the championship. We had some clutch hits that saved us from being eliminated from the finals. Proud of all my players.”

Logan ~ Left Field: “the season was not so great but when it came to the district, regional, & finals we all pulled together to win the championship.”

Drew. P ~ Outfield 2nd base: “This season couldn’t of not been done by one individual. It took all of us to bring the championship home. I had a fair share of pitching in there getting the job done. Thank you for all the support.”

Well city of Buchanan, give these boys a great applause and we hope to see them repeat it next year. GO BUCKS!

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