Now That’s Funny! – Issue 31

by Thomas Hoyt

My daughter is a member of the American Heritage Girls and I’m a registered volunteer with her troop. A couple of weeks ago her troop went on a High Adventure which included camping in tents. We camped at a state park in Kentucky and had an awesome time. Now this is the longest I have ever camped in tent, so there were lessons that I did learn while on this High Adventure. The first is that if there is even the slightest chance of rain for the day, always keep your tent windows zipped shut! We did have a severe thunderstorm roll through on one day and I wound up with a damp sleeping bag. 🤣 I didn’t mind that so much since it was hot all week down there.

The second lesson learned is that you can always expect a visit from Mr. or Mrs. racoon! We had a visit from such a racoon on the same evening the thunderstorm rolled through. This racoon was a real fatty too! 🤣🤣 I was watching this scavenger saunter onto the campgrounds and make his or her way towards a trash can just outside of the boys’ restroom. The racoon then jumped up into the trash can! 🤣 What made us laugh was that after the fatty got the front half into the opening of the trash can he or she had to kick the hind legs to squeeze into the trash can all the way! 🤣🤣🤣

So if you go camping, you can always expect a visit from a racoon.

Keep laughing folks! 😊

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