A Note from the Editor – Issue 32

by Rebecka Hoyt, Editor

We are halfway through the summer and I hope that all of you have enjoyed it while staying hydrated with that good-quality-H2O! Remember that the library, our senior center, grocery stores and movie theaters are all good places to go to when you may not have a/c. Of course if you know someone that has a pool that helps or even a day at the beach is fun (just obey the flags and signs that are posted).

I would like to remind you that our Buchanan Chronicle team is having a bake sale TODAY, from 8am – 1pm down at the Buchanan Farmers’ Market. We have some really good chocolate chip cookies without nuts and perhaps some other sweets. You will also have the chance to purchase merch like our coffee mugs to dunk your cookies in, scarfs, stickers, and order some shirts/sweatshirts, etc…. So, stop by, make a donation for future printed issues of The Buchanan Chronicle, buy some cookies/merch, and chat with us. We would like to hear about what you think our readers would like to read.

Thank you to those who came to our yard sale. We raised $83.25 for our future printed issues! A new school year is coming up and we would like to have others volunteer while they are watching a game here at Buchanan High/Middle Schools. If you would like to be a part of a fun team and gather some scores/photos (can be from your phone, no fancy camera needed) of Buchanan home or away games in the fall, send us an email to: buchananchronicle@att.net for more information.

Enjoy the issue and we will see you at the Farmers’ Market today!

Happy Reading,
Rebecka Hoyt

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