The Clark Barker – Issue 32

What is Going on?

My humans got wind that the nice wooden swing people who frequent McCoy Creek Trail use, was damaged, nearby the Fireman’s Park. A police report was filed. What happened to people respecting things when they are out and about? I hear my humans say to their child, “Treat others and things the way you would want to be treated. It’s the Golden Rule.” A few issues ago, I had barked about how other things on the trail had been damaged as well.

So, it takes all of you humans to stand up, come together so things like this do not happen. There is no identification of who is doing this. So, please reiterate to your children, neighbors, friends and family about keeping our nice trail nice. Imagine if you were to be on a part of it and saw damage to something that was shocking. I don’t think that you would like that and if you had a friend/relative with you from out of town, I bet you would feel embarrassed. Remember that if you see something, say something (to the police).


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