Community Press Release – City of Buchanan Acquires Baroda Tire Property

A look at the 4-acre redevelopment opportunity at the southern gateway of Buchanan, Photo provided by City of Buchanan

City of Buchanan Acquires Former Baroda Tire Property for Redevelopment of 4-Acre Parcel at Buchanan Gateway

Buchanan, MI – July 27, 2022

The City of Buchanan has closed on the purchase of the former home of Baroda Tire in Buchanan. Located at 708 South Redbud Trail, just past the railroad tracks off of US-12, the older structure on the property will be torn down, along with the 111 Railroad property—commonly known as the “Old Feed Mill.” The two adjoining properties are located in a prime position on an important and strategic commercial corridor, which serves as the main Gateway for many who visit Buchanan from the Chicago area. 

With demolitions of the obsolete structures on both sites taking place soon, the City of Buchanan is looking forward to making the properties available for redevelopment.

City Manager Heather Grace said of the purchase on Monday, “We are extremely excited to help bring about this compelling redevelopment opportunity of nearly four acres of land at Buchanan’s Southern Gateway.” Community Development Director Richard Murphy said of the acquisition, “The Buchanan City Commission is looking forward to a new chapter of revitalization and it is now making strategic and bold moves towards that implementation. It takes time, but we are making progress on these redevelopment assets that we feel will be attractive to the market, create jobs, and build up the tax base in Buchanan.”

Mayor Sean Denison agreed with Murphy and Grace, stating, “Keep your eyes on Buchanan—there are many more great things to come!”

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