Community Press Release – Thrill on the Hill, A Special Event

Thrill on the Hill 2022 down Front St in Buchanan, Photo provided by Rich Murphy

Thrill on the Hill, A Special Event Unique to Buchanan

Buchanan, MI – August 05, 2022
Submitted by Richard Murphy, Community Development Director, City of Buchanan

Thrill on the Hill is a special event unique to Buchanan. The city transforms the large hill that runs down Front St. towards downtown into what we believe is the longest street-running water slide in the country. At over 500 hundred feet long, this marvel of modern-day engineering is constructed over a period of several days with over 500 tons of sand, 20 truckloads of large concrete blocks, 5000 square feet of plastic liner, a massive rubber base, and even some recycled wrestling mats. The construction team includes local contractor Affordable Asphalt, Buchanan Department of Public Works, and Buchanan Water and Cemetery Departments.  The Buchanan Fire Department provides the water that brings the slide to life. Locals bring their own tubes and fly down the hill getting the thrill of their life. Food, drinks, live music, and other entertainment make it a fun-filled weekend for all ages. To really know Buchanan, you must experience Thrill on the Hill! “Thrill” as the locals call it, is going on thru this weekend, Friday NOON – 10PM, Saturday 10AM-10PM.

2020 Nicest City in America – Buchanan, MI!

City of Buchanan website Here.

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