The Buchanan Chronicle – Help Wanted

Help Wanted – Buchanan Sports/Events Reporters/Photographers

by Rebecka Hoyt, Editor

Hey there parents and families of any Buchanan athletes of all ages, even the band kids! The Buchanan Chronicle is looking for more volunteers to send us their photos, scores, and information on games that they attend this fall. We realize that our readers love to read about sports and we are in need of some more people to help us out. And we know that our community is great when it comes to helping others out!

So, while you are enjoying your son/daughter/grandkid/nephew/niece/neighbor/friend participating in their event, feel free to send us some photos in an email to: along with your contact info and pertinent information on the event. You will receive credit for the information and photo(s) that you submit. Any questions, send an email! We really appreciate it.

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