Buchanan Farmers’ Market – Youth Entrepreneurs Day 2022

Youth Entrepreneurs at Buchanan Farmers’ Market, Photo provided by Ashley Hanson

Youth Entrepreneurs Day 2022 at Buchanan Farmers’ Market

Write-up by Ashley Hanson, Head Master of Buchanan Farmers’ Market, and Rebecka Hoyt, Editor of The Buchanan Chronicle; Photos submitted by Ashley Hanson

Yesterday was an amazing day for the youth vendors at the market. There was such a wonderful turnout of customers showing their support for all the kids’ hard work and dedication. This was our 3rd annual Youth Entrepreneur Weekend. Some of the kids got up early today and headed out for a long week of fair and animal showings. Some got up early and headed out to do more selling.

Cute Crochets by Aleah is at the market weekly. Aleah and her brother, Hunter of H & A Eggs, are 2 of the younger vendors that sell their merchandise every week from May until October. The dedication these kids show really should makes us all hopeful for the future.

Any kid can be a regular vendor, or vend any week of market season. Just let us know when they want to come and what they will be selling. At only 5 dollars for a spot, it is a great way to build their confidence and get them a little extra spending money.

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