Now That’s Funny! – Issue 34

by Thomas Hoyt

We have all had those moments in life that are a first time at something and when looking back you can’t but laugh. Here are a few of those moments.

First is with my daughter who cut up an onion for the first time. She did a great job at it, and we enjoyed the onion with dinner. Little did she know is that when you cut up onion, depending on how to go about it, it can make you cry. 🤣 Maybe not cry, but your eyes can get filled up with tears. I hope she learned from the experience.

Next is when I was a teen and got my drivers permit after completing drivers training. My dad decides to take me out in his 1979 Dodge pickup truck with manual transmission, three on the tree, and no power steering or power brakes! He takes me out to some dirt road in the middle of nowhere and has me get in the driver’s seat. This is my very first time so when I slowly let the clutch out and truck did move forward in a buck and go fashion. 🤣 Well I did get the truck shifted up to 3rd gear without too much trouble and then it came time for me to stop. Remember, this truck has no power brakes! So I pushed in the clutch with my left leg and then on the brake with my right. I am pushing with my right leg on the brake pedal with everything I have. The truck did come to a stop all the while my dad is laughing! 🤣🤣🤣

Now let me tell you about a first time the Editor of this paper went axe throwing! Yes, my wife and I were on vacation last summer in Florida. Her cousin also lives down there and invited us to go axe throwing with him. It looks a lot easier than it is, and so when she threw the first axe it bounced off the wall and dropped to the floor with a clang! 🤣

Keep laughing folks! 😊

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