Now That’s Funny! – Issue 35

by Thomas Hoyt

We are all creatures of habit. Admit it, we like our routines. Sometimes, however, our habits can make us miss something. For example, I was driving north on US-31 and intended on exiting off at M-139 north to go to John Beers Road and go into Stevensville. I usually take US-31 north to go to LMC for rehearsals with the Southshore Concert Band. Well we (my wife, daughter, and I) are heading north on US-31 and my wife, the Editor of this fine newspaper, is talking to me. Out of habit, I drove right past the exit for M-139 north toward St. Joseph. 🤣 So I wound up getting off at the next exit to come back on southbound US-31 back to the exit to M-139 north.

Keep laughing folks! 😊

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