Regional Sports Highlights – September 2022

September Sports Wrap-Up

by Garrick Stubblefield, Writer

Hello all you sports fans! It’s the beginning of football season and the ending of baseball. So, let’s dig right into baseball. There are two people I’m watching very closely this year in general. Albert Pujols and this person in particular because not only is he retiring after 20 years in the majors, but he is currently just 3 home runs away from joining the elite 700 club of career home runs. The other is Aaron Judge who is chasing a record of the most home runs within the team he is playing. He has 55 and I believe the record he is chasing is 61 or more in a season.

Now let’s talk about college football. Well, Irish fans, I can’t say much other than your season is pretty much done. Don’t get me wrong you surprised me against Ohio State but, when it came to Marshall you let me down especially when you were favored by 3 touchdowns. Turning to Michigan fans now, I’m happy we are 2-0 but we are still locked in at 4th in the polls and that concerns me. Averaging over 50 points a game is so far impressive. Well I will give you an update in the next issue on the playoff picture for baseball and my opinion/view on the Irish/Michigan NFL Lions/Bears/Colts. Until then I will see you next issue.

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