Regional Sports Highlights – October 2022

October Sports Wrap-Up

by Garrick Stubblefield, Writer

Let’s start off with the boys varsity football. These boys are off to a great start and are 4-1 through 5 weeks. In the last 2 weeks they were able to knock off Cassopolis with no problem, but when they went north to play Kalamazoo Loy Norrix they fought their way to a win. I will keep giving you a 2 week wrap-up on the Bucks to the end of their season. GO BUCKS.

Now swinging into baseball with no pun intended there HAHA. Those two players that I had talked about in the last issue have some updates. Albert Pujos was able to hit his 700th career home run to join only a few that reached that mark in their career. As for Aarron Judge he only needs 2 more to break the record of Roger Marris for team wise.  We are just about a week and half away from the end of baseball and I kind of have the Astros and Dodgers going for the world series.

Next on my agenda is college football. Not much to say about Michigan & Ohio St. because they keep winning but I thought that Michigan may have slipped and gotten their first loss. It will more likely come down to the 2 of them playing to decide who is in the playoffs or not. Irish fans you should be smiling now since you have a 2-0 streak going for you. I honestly think this isn’t going to help you in the ranks. Spartan fans after 2 straight loses I think your season is done for. 

Now to the pros I’m not giving anybody an “A” for the past two weeks. All the teams either barely got by with a win or they ended up losing. So let’s look at the next 2 weeks and see where everyone stands.

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