Past Event – Faith and Blue 2022

Buchanan Christian Church prays for the BCPD. Photo by Rebecka Hoyt

Faith and Blue Weekend 2022

by Rebecka Hoyt, Editor & Photographer

Life Action was the location to kick-off Faith and Blue Weekend 2022, October 8 & 9. As you arrived, you saw the South Bend Medical Foundation Blood Drive Mobile for the blood drive, a Buchanan City Police squad car that was starting to get words of encouragement and love to our officers from anyone coming. And then stroll on into Life Action for “Pastries with Police Q & A.” This was a time to enjoy some casual talks or questions that you may have had along with some pastries (special ones also for those with sensitive diets), juice and coffee while a slideshow of the officers played in the background. No matter the question or the comment you had for them, they gave an answer or asked someone else for clarification. I highly encourage you to attend this next year, and feel free to call their non-emergency phone number (269) 695-5120 if you ever feel like something is suspicious or you have a flooding issue. Safety Director Tim Ganus stated, “We (Buchanan City Police) want to be that caring police department and not just respond to criminal calls. If we are available for a non-emergency, we will come.”

As the day went on, they took the signed squad car to the Redbud City Center during the outdoor activities of the Buchanan District Library’s Pumpkin Jamboree for “Fill a Squad Car” of food donations for RAM food pantry. Kids and adults were able to sign the car as well with little drawings, names, encouraging words and thank yous for our finest police.

Come Sunday morning, officers from the BCPD visited many churches and Sunday School classes for a short time. Some spoke and sang a song as the church prayed over them. A pancake breakfast was held at St. Anthony church and then a cookout and ice cream social at St. Paul’s Lutheran. More talk and prayer happened at the cookout with the officers.

Faith and Blue weekend is a national event that is held on the same weekend each year to bring your neighbors and officers together. Be sure to keep an eye out for it next year and we will also be letting you know when it will be.

Faith & Blue 2022 flyer
Faith & Blue 2022 flyer

About Buchanan Area Ministerial Association: This group is made of different churches in Buchanan. Their page is a great way to stay up to date on different events BAMA is hosting, but more importantly it is a great way to see how God is moving in Buchanan.

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About Life Action Ministries: We help people thrive by inspiring them toward a lifestyle of saying YES to God. We do this through relationships, church experiences, camps, retreats, and resources.

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About Buchanan City Police Department: The Buchanan City Police Department’s fundamental duty is to serve mankind; to safeguard life and property; to protect the innocent against deception; the weak against oppression or intimidation; the peaceful against violence or disorder; and to respect the Constitutional Rights of all persons to liberty, equality, and justice. The Buchanan Police Department proudly serves the citizens of the City of Buchanan by providing twenty-four hour, seven days a week, full service police coverage.

Non-Emergency phone: 269-695-5120, fax: 269-695-0014

  • Hours: 24HR EMERGENCY SERVICE – 911
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