Regional Sports Highlights – Issue 38

Issue 38 Sports Wrap-Up

by Garrick Stubblefield, Writer

Well baseball fans, the season is over and we are heading into the playoffs. We were able to see two records broken by Albert Pujos and Aarron Judge respectively. I believe that those will stand in the record books for a while. As for the two teams I’m looking to meet up in the world series are Houston Astros & L.A. Dodgers.

How about our Bucks?! They continued their domination last Friday night, with their win over Benton Harbor they became Conference Champs. LET’S GO BUCKS and hope to bring a state championship home! 

In college we have some good news and bad news. As for Irish fans, I believe you should strive to make this a rebuilding season because you’re not going anywhere. The Spartans, I’m going to say the same goes for you. Just think, you can both strengthen your teams by doing many options and see fits in the book for next year. Hey you, Michigan and Ohio State fans, I would like to say you’re not out of the woods yet. Michigan fans remember we were #1 and Appalachian State came away with a win. I believe for Ohio State, you have had a spoiler once or twice.

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