Community Press Release – School of American Music After-School Guitar

After-School Guitar at Three Oaks Elementary is Back

Submitted by G. Taylor, School of American Music Public Relations

On Wednesday October 19 Tom Parisi, Guitar Instructor at the School of American Music made his debut as After-School Guitar Instructor at Three Oaks Elementary School.  

The School of American Music has provided music lessons and enrichment to the local elementary schools for the past 5 years under the leadership of Executive Director Donna Mitchell who said, “We are so happy that Tom stepped up! He has proven himself as a private teacher at the Music School in this past year.  We have enjoyed having him with us and admire his willingness to volunteer and to give back.  Please say thank you to Tom when you see him.”

Tom, a retired college professor and long-time resident of South Bend, views an elementary classroom as a joy and a challenge. He tells his students, “There is a long and winding road ahead. Making music a part of your life will enrich the journey.” Tom performs many varieties of music and can be frequently heard on stage at sing-longs and other Music School events.

The School of American Music after-school programs are staffed by volunteers. To insure against the day when these positions might require compensation, the Music School has instituted a Future Fund endowment campaign. According to Garth Taylor, Board President, “The Future Fund is for the future – not for rent or heating bills. It is the community’s statement of support and hope for another 10 years of community benefit from the school — which was founded in 2012.”

About School of American Music: The School of American Music was founded by D. Garth Taylor to serve as a music resource in Michiana. Currently serving as President of SAM, Taylor has been joined over the years by Executive Director, Donna M. Mitchell and a full Board of Directors. Their mission is to provide education, performance, and audience opportunities in music and the related arts in the Southwest Michigan area.

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