Homeschooling Spotlight – November 2022

Local Homeschooling Fall 2022

Text and Photos Shared with Permission from Posts by Ashley Hanson

Yesterday’s lessons had some cool by-products. More kombucha fermenting with new flavors that add even more health benefits…Pomegranate and pineapple. Also made aloe vera soap from aloe we grew, calendula oil and marigold oil we made from our flowers, topped with dried calendula and scented orange with essential oils and sweet orange body oil from River Bend Outpost…its still curing. Perfecting salted caramels. Will be trying to perfect 12 candies before Christmas for a sweet gift for some peeps.

Anyone who wonders….

Math…we used digital scales, ratios, multiplying, dividing

Science…health benefits, chemical reactions, knowing your ingredients, “how poisoned foods are now a days” conversation, growing and processing food, fermentation 

Reading…everything we did involved research and alot of reading…which was followed up by videos to ensure we knew our processes

Writing…transferring recipes, noting things that did or didn’t work and how to do better next time

History…extensive history surrounding all 3 things we made, learning “lost skills”, sharing his knowledge with others willing to listen(that’s how the “old ways” use to live on…teaching the methods to others), waste not want not methods (you know we thought grandma was crazy for saving the foil…nah not so much…she had a good point)

This is just from one day…with knowledge he has been acquiring for months. Knowledge he will pass on and skills he will use his entire life.

* The above discussed is independent homeschooling and is not associated with Buchanan Community Schools.

If there are other homeschoolers in Buchanan, please send a message through our Facebook page or an email to The Buchanan Chronicle as we would like to include you in our schools rotation!

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