A Note from the Editor – Issue 40

by Rebecka Hoyt, Editor

Welcome to reading the 40th issue of The Buchanan Chronicle! Yes, I said 40, 4-0, the BIG 4-0! It is hard to believe we are at this number already and in a few months it will be our second anniversary of becoming a business. Just wow!

I would like to thank everyone here in town and from other distances that have given us many compliments on our publication. It touches our hearts as our entire team consists of volunteers doing this on our own time. I am writing this note to you just hours before it gets published on a very cold night of 23℉ with a cup of decaf coffee so it doesn’t take forever to get to sleep tonight. This is probably the latest I have written my note since being on this journey. And what a journey it’s been. However, the excitement when we hear of an idea for a story or we learn of a story to be told is just over the top. A couple of articles I have written for this issue are quite exciting, and believe me it was hard to keep them quiet. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I heard the stories to be told. Please remember to share the articles you enjoyed on your Facebook page or if you subscribe to our issue notification email, forward it onto a friend!

We have added a new tab to our website click on: “Merch Shop!” Yes, you can purchase The Buchanan Chronicle merch from hoodies to scarves to tote bags and coffee mugs, etc… as a way to support us to have some printed issues in the future. Within the next week or two, you may see a survey from us about printed issues. So, stay tuned and take it when you see it. We will have a limited time for the survey to be open.

There are a couple of exciting things happening in our community for you to attend and to start the holiday season after Thanksgiving. Next Saturday, Nov. 26 is St. Anthony’s Holiday Bazaar and Food Drive from 9am – 2pm. Then during the same day: Bucktown Christmas with a cookie walk, holiday market, reindeer, the Christmas light parade, and the holiday lighting ceremony at the Common. Checkout the details in this issue and look for The Buchanan Chronicle being in the parade! Head to the Buchanan Area Senior Center for their Holiday Bazaar on Saturday, December 3. Then on Sunday, December 4 attend and enjoy the Annual BAMA Community Christmas Concert at Buchanan Christian Church at 6:30pm, you won’t want to miss it. Thank you to Buchanan Area Senior Center (BASC) and the Buchanan Area Ministerial Association (BAMA) for advertising in this issue!❤️
So, I believe that is it for now as I need to go over a few articles before they get published tonight. Let us know your thoughts on the articles or if you have an opinion piece to share! Continue to drive safe on these snowy roads, be nice all the time as the holidays are coming and have a Happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful for our team, our readers, our advertisers, and my family and friends who have supported us. THANK YOU!

Happy Reading,
Rebecka Hoyt

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