The Clark Barker – Issue 40

Season’s Kindness

Here are a few actions you can take yourself to help spread kindness around our community this season:

First is especially important – Be kind to each other!

Out and about you’ll encounter many individuals in our community. Each person is going through so much you could never know. Restaurant staff want to feed you and your tip feeds them and their families, retail staff want to help you find the perfect gift and your patience and understanding will help them remain positive through their next customers who may not be so kind. Everyone is under extra pressure and working extra hard, keep that in mind.

Be the nice surprise of kindness wherever you go, and while a smile is an easy feat, you will positively impact our world so much more than you realize! ‘Tis the season for kindness!

Second is about safety – Snow and Ice Clearing

My owner tells me that you can receive a citation if your sidewalk isn’t clear of snow and ice in the city limits of Buchanan. While I do like the snow, my paws can only handle it so much before it’s too cold. The city ordinance says that 24 hours after a snow event comes through, that sidewalks must be clear of snow/ice. It sure is nice for my human to walk on a clear sidewalk (even though I like to smell everyone’s foot/paw prints), as well as the kids and parents going to and from school, the mail/delivery people who bring us our mail and precious packages.

So spread some extra kindness this season and make sure you shovel or snow blow your sidewalks, and maybe also your neighbor’s sidewalk while you do yours. You won’t believe how this can be such a huge relief to those who can’t always get out there to do it.


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