Now That’s Funny! with Garrick – Issue 42

Christmas Vacation

by Garrick Stubblefield

So I was about nine years old and we were off to Denver for vacation. This of course was during Christmas break and got to see the grandparents. As we got things in the car and getting our seat belts on, things were all in check. Dad stopped to fill the car up with gas.

As dad pulled away from the gas station he asked my mom, “Did you turn the coffee maker off?” and mom replied back, “Not that I recall”. So we had to go back home to make sure the coffee maker was turned off. We get there and dad gives me the keys to do the task.

So I had no problem with it. I went and opened the door, went to check the coffee maker to see if it was off. Yes it was off, as I turned around I saw a pair of snow skis that read “from Santa” and it wasn’t even Christmas yet. I get back in the car being quiet. Later in the trip I finally asked mom and dad if there really was a Santa. They said only you can believe in him.

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