A Note from the Editor and Publisher – Issue 43

A Note from the Editor and Publisher – Issue 43

by Rebecka Hoyt, Editor & Jen Garry, Publisher

Editor Rebecka Hoyt:

Happy New Year! 2023 came in quiet this year compared to the week before 2022 ended. I bet we can all agree to put that weather behind us and move on with the new year and quiet weather pattern we’ve been having lately!

Thank you so much for helping us to make the month of December in 2022 the 2nd highest viewed month! Every article that you look at counts on our website as one view. Yearly views, we were just shy of 2021’s number by 2,610 views for a total of 28,153 views in 2022. Since we now have a full year under us, we will be able to compare all months this year to last year. Our yearly website views goal for 2023 is going to be the same amount of views last year, 2022. We will keep you up-to-date on this number in the 1st issue of each month starting in February. Currently, we are at 219 views on the eve of this issue. It will seem like a lot of views will be needed in the beginning. However, as 2023 progresses the number will get smaller.

Here are some other stats that might interest you:
Posts Published in 2022: 531
Visitors to Website in 2022: 12,040
Views to Website in 2022: 28,153
Views per Visitor on Website in 2022: 2.34
Facebook Link Clicks: 10,577
Facebook Followers: 1,546
Facebook Likes: 1,216
Instagram Followers: 195
Email Subscribers: 111

We couldn’t have done this without you! Thank you for your continued suggestions of articles/events that are happening in and around Buchanan. We will see you at some future events!

Happy Reading,
Rebecka Hoyt

Publisher Jen Garry:

First, if you are reading this then we appreciate you very much, and all our readers that make The Buchanan Chronicle possible! Thank you for reading with us!

Second, I’d like to take this opportunity to remind our readers of a few things we’ve added to our website and offerings this year:

~ Did you know you can order our merch right HERE on our website? We have a merch page and you can message us from there to place your order for any and all custom merch (all purchases help us do what we do and get us closer to our goal of creating printed issues very soon).

~ We now have a Donation Page HERE where you can contribute directly to our efforts, and all funds received go towards our goal of creating printed issues, bringing our Buchanan community all the latest local news, and we also support local charities, veterans, businesses, and more, right here in Buchanan MI. Donate today to The Buchanan Chronicle, a not-for-profit entity, your local online newspaper.

~ Want to Advertise with us? We’d love to showcase your AD to bring awareness to your business or event! Contact us today to receive an Advertising Form and let your community know what’s happening. We have many Advertising options, and your ad will be included on our website and our Facebook page (see the Stats listed above to check out our audience size and how far your ad will reach).

~ Email is a great way to be reminded when new Issues are out and ready to read. Enter your email address in the space below to receive an email from us when an Issue is online!

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Thank you again to all our readers and supporters! Without you we wouldn’t be able to bring Buchanan’s latest news to our Community; it is our privilege and we love to do it! Keep reading along with us in 2023, as there will be plenty more news to bring you!

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