Local Clubs – Miss Buchanan Scholarship Pageant 2023

Miss Buchanan Scholarship Pageant 2023

by Rebecka Hoyt, Editor & Photographer, and Jen Garry, Publisher

“Take Me Home Country Roads” was the theme for the 2023 Miss Buchanan Scholarship Pageant which took place last Saturday evening, the 14th of January at 6:00 in the Buchanan High School Auditorium. Smiles, sequins, and the evening gowns were very beautiful on each contestant.

The evening started off with Emilie Kurtz singing the National Anthem with the American Legion Post #51 presenting the colors. Lillian Waggoner, Miss Buchanan 2022 & Miss Blossomtime 2022 opened up the ceremony and introduced Lindsey Colip Schmidt, Mistress of Ceremonies. The stage was then livened up the contestants and Miss Buchanan 2022’s honor court dressed in black cowgirl twirly skirts, a white button-down shirt that adorned a loose-tied black sparkly tie and white cowgirl boots to the Shania Twain song, “Man I Feel Like a Woman.” The smiles on their faces said it all that they had a great time doing this dance and the crowd responded with excitement!

Those noted in attendance were: Buchanan City Mayor Sean Denison, Buchanan Community Schools Superintendent Patricia Robinson, Judges Stacey Patillo, Zack Devereaux, and Katlynn Kennedy. Pages for the night were Jade Smith, Austyn Dalton, and Shailin Golden. The Blossomtime Reps and Tellers were Adam Smego and Lindsay Coleman; Committee Tellers: Sheila Proud and Maddy Vorrath. The Escort for the night was BHS Senior Seth Bromley.

Each contestant was escorted by one of their family members, mostly dads but also a grandfather too as the contestant introduced them and the plans they have for their future. Lindsey Colip Schmidt, Mistress of Ceremonies asked the contestants their first formal question, “Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give yourself prior to the pageant?” Many of them stated to be yourself and have confidence.

Out of the 11 contestants, they went down to the Top 5 who were: #8 Arianna Hankins, #4 Josie West, #10 Brianna Martin, #7 Makayla Miller, and #6 Lexi Herrman. A farewell was given to Lillian Waggoner who was then inducted to the Miss Buchanan Sorority.

The first crowning was Miss Congeniality by Joy Kaltenbach (2022 Miss Congeniality) to #2 Isabell Bryans. Second Runner Up crowning by Alexa Burns (2022 Second Runner Up) to #7 Makayla Miller. First Runner Up crowning by Hayden Bauer (2022 First Runner Up) to #6 Lexi Herrman. And your 2023 Miss Buchanan is #8 Arianna Hankins crowned by Lillian Waggoner (2022 Miss Buchanan).

Each contestant received a $250 scholarship. Miss Congeniality, Second Runner Up and First Runner Up each received a $500 scholarship. And Miss Buchanan received a $1,500 scholarship from the Buchanan Lodge #68 Free and Accepted Masons of Michigan. 

Miss Buchanan, Arianna Hankins is “planning on attending GVSU to obtain her bachelors degree in biology. While attending GVSU I want to cheer on the Lancers and compete with their Co-Ed Cheer team. After college attend medical school to become a pediatric hospitalist.” She also gave some advice to those coming to Miss Buchanan next year, “being confident and being yourself and to not give up. It took me a while to get ready for this, like four to five months, and I have held four different titles: Little Miss Paw Paw First Runner Up, Miss Junior Paw Paw, Miss Teen Paw Paw, and Miss Sunburst. I am super excited for Miss Blossomtime.” She has had four cousins who have won pageants in the past 46 years. Her family consists of her Mom Sandra Hankins, and her two sisters Cierra Williams and Maraya Hankins. Arianna is originally from Paw Paw, but has lived in Buchanan for five years while volunteering at the Niles hospital and at the Trek-or-Treat at McCoy Creek Trail.

Jen and I would like to congratulate all of the contestants and we will see Miss Buchanan at the Miss Blossomtime pageant in April this spring! Good luck to all of you in the future!

About Miss Buchanan, Inc.: Miss Buchanan Inc. was started in 1978. Every December or January, Miss Buchanan Inc. holds a pageant where young ladies compete for the title of Miss Buchanan and her Court of Honor. Through her year of service as Miss Buchanan, she gets opportunities to attend local community events, receives scholarship money, and represents her community in the Miss Blossomtime pageant. Miss Buchanan Inc.’s mission is to always support and encourage the young women chosen as Miss Buchanan and her Court of Honor.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/MissBuchananInc

Website: blossomtimefestival.org/pageants/miss-blossomtime/community-queens/buchanan/

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