Buchanan Area Senior Center – February 2023

A Few of February’s Events at Buchanan Area Senior Center

Submitted by Diana Smuda, BASC Program Coordinator


The Buchanan Area Senior Center will once again offer free assistance in filing taxes (e-filing) for seniors (55+) who live in the BASC service area, through the AARP Foundation Tax-Aide Program.

Call the BASC at 269-695-7119 to schedule an appointment.

Pick up an “Intake Form” at the BASC before your scheduled tax appointment. Complete the “Intake Form” and return at your scheduled appointment.

Please bring the following documents to your scheduled tax appointment:

  1. Social Security card and picture ID’s for both you and your spouse.
  2. All monthly or annual income statements for you and your spouse (W-2s, 1099s, etc.).
  3. Social Security Benefit Statement(s), for SSA-1099, SSI Statement(s).
  4. Pension(s) and information pertaining to the company you receive it from (1099-R).
  5. All interest and dividend statements from your financial institution (1099-INT and 1099-DIV).
  6. Homeowners bring your property tax bills for both winter and summer.
  7. Renters bring in landlord contract including name and address. You will need to know your rent payment amount.
  8. Total heat cost from the previous year.
  9. Health insurance premiums you pay.
  10. Completed “Intake Form.”

Very Important to bring…

  1. Blank Check
  2. Last Year’s Tax Return!


Have you or a loved one been feeling a bit down and a lack of joy? Know, that you are not alone. Here at the BASC, we want to help you live a more joyful life.

Lots of people confuse joy with happiness, and although they are closely related and often occur simultaneously, these feel-good emotions aren’t synonymous. Happiness is an emotion that brings bursts of intense pleasure, excitement, and satisfaction, while joyfulness is a stronger, longer-term state that results in feelings of inner peace and contentment.

Julie Weckel of Geriatric Connections will share with us different ways we can discover the joy that is already in our lives and to live a more joyful life.

Call 695-7119 to register for the class.

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 2023 ~ 12:30PM

The Civil Rights Heritage Center is committed to preserving and sharing the civil rights history of South Bend, Indiana, and its surrounding communities as part of the larger national narrative of activism among African Americans, Latinxs, LGBTQ, women, and additional marginalized and oppressed groups.

Born from the efforts of Indiana University South Bend students and professors, the Civil Rights Heritage Center transformed a once-segregated city swimming pool into an active learning center. It explores the civil rights struggles of the past so people can take action in the present and build a better future.

Join us at the BASC to learn more about the Civil Rights Heritage Center and what they offer.

Thank you for supporting the Buchanan Area Senior Center!

Read the full BASC Newsletter for February 2023 HERE.

BASC Calendar February 2023

About Buchanan Area Senior Center: Buchanan Area Senior Center provides a complete facility, a friendly and efficient staff, and active volunteers that enhance the quality of life of seniors in our community. We offer programs and services designed to promote physical, social, and mental well-being, including exercise, recreation, and crafts, as well as Senior Nutrition Services, food commodities, and a Senior Community Garden.

diana@thebasc.org, Diana Smuda – Program Coordinator
adam@thebasc.org, Adam Burck – Executive Director

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