Now That’s Funny! with Garrick – Issue 45

Expensive Chicken Mistake

by Garrick Stubblefield

I work at a local deli. One of my regular customers came to me and asked for the usual thing that she gets from me. I replied to her by saying to her “2 chicken legs?” and she said “Yep.” When I went to get them and put them on the scale, I made a mistake and did not know it at the time.

So I gave her the chicken and wished her a good day. When my customer was done shopping and went to checkout and pay, it so happened that she kept the chicken for last. She gave it to the cashier and then said “I’m on a pretty strict budget, but if I have to pay that much for 2 chicken legs I will not be able to afford it.”

Then the cashier called back to the deli and I answered the phone. The cashier explained that there was a sticker for $72.69 for two legs. I replied immediately and said that was wrong and gave her the new price of $3.38. The cashier told the lady that it was a mistake and told her the new total. The lady quickly responded by saying, “Now that price I can budget on.”

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