Now That’s Funny! with Garrick – Issue 46

Wife Smells Burnt Oil

by Garrick Stubblefield

So recently my wife and I went and got a new/used SUV. We were really enjoying it until our SUV decided to tell us it was time for an oil change. I went to a local quick lube and asked for a full service of synthetic oil and they said, “got you, sir”. As time went by they were ready for me to give an approval of all checks of what they did, but when it did come to that I was not fully in attention of the inspection and I gave them the all clear.

I just got my first oil change in the SUV and drove off. I may have driven no more than 200 miles and my wife says to me “ I smell burnt oil.”.. I then replied back, “ I can’t smell but did get the oil changed” and her reply was “ I believe you, I’m telling you there is burnt oil or no oil at all.”… ok let’s take a look in the morning to see what the issue was.

So, the next morning came and sure enough no oil. With that being said we took it back down to the oil lube center and sure enough the service assured us that there was no oil in it. But the thing is they were denying it all along and agreed to all checks on the paper that I signed off on.

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