A Note from the Publisher – Issue 47

A Note from the Publisher – Issue 47

by Jen Garry, Publisher

We are progressing toward printed issues of the newspaper! Very soon you’ll see lots more information about it so stay tuned! A special thank you to everyone who has taken our interest survey/form – there is definitely a desire for a printed newspaper in the Buchanan community, and we’re so excited to be working toward providing one!

If you haven’t gotten a chance to let us know if you’d be interested in having a printed newspaper in Buchanan, let us know by filling out our form HERE – thank you for giving us your opinion!

The Buchanan Chronicle Current Stats:
  • Total Website Views:
    • January – 3,817 (2,482 in 2022)
    • February – 3,525 (1,961 in 2022)
  • Issue 46 (February 18) Views: 1,828
  • Email Subscribers: 120
  • Facebook Followers: 1,610 (Reach: 11.4K)
  • Instagram Followers: 206

As always, I’d like to remind you if you come across anything newsworthy, any announcements to share publicly, or anything you’d like your community to know about, please let us know by email (at buchananchronicle@att.net) or message us on our Facebook page. We really appreciate any communication, we want to know what’s happening so we can tell our community! We love to publish Opinion pieces from local contributors, feel free to write in if you have something to say to Buchanan!

Thanks again for reading and engaging in our Buchanan Community with us!

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