Local Veterans – Chief of Police Harvey Burnett

Veteran and Chief of Police Harvey Burnett

by Garrick Stubblefield

My name is Garrick Stubblefield and I’m here to share some local veterans stories about the time they spent in the military. If you recall, I myself am a veteran of the United States Navy and I served from 1988-1990. To flash you back in time, I was a Seaman Apprentice with the job title as a cook. In the short time I was in I got to see a lot of the west side of the world. Just to name a few: Japan, Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and as far as Pakistan. Even though I did 2 years, I gave you your freedom from all other worlds. I wanted to be a lifer but things happen for reasons thus that is why I only made 2 years of it.

On Monday, February 24, 2023 I sat down with our Chief of Police Harvey Burnett. Chief was a military personnel of the United States Air Force. He was in from 1985-1988 with 1 reenlistment. Chief’s basic training was in Lakeland Texas Lakeland AFB and his “A” was Camp Bullis for Air Defense Training which was on Mt. Home AFB in Idaho.

Chief of Police Harvey Burnett

Chief recalls his best story while in boot camp. Him and three of his buddies were walking back from the Chow Hall they were” scuttlebutting” which in military terms is carrying on a conversation amongst themselves when all of a sudden things went bad. Chief and his buddies were laughing so hard that a person stopped them in their tracks and said, “soldiers, what is with all the laughter when you should be attentive to your surroundings?” Chief had spoken for the gang and happened to get the person who had stopped them to burst out laughing. The officer said, “soldiers, I will let you get away with this time but be aware of your surroundings.” The reason for that statement is when you’re in boot camp you are to stop and salute all the personnel you pass by.

Chief just started his schooling to become law enforcement. One of his most memorable times was as follows. He was out in the middle of the desert doing a drill and it happened to be at night. The drill entailed that if something frightened you to shoot your gun to show help is needed. Well Chief did all he was supposed to even leaving his gun at the site. No more than he took off running he ran into one of the instructors. The instructor said, “Where is your gun to the chief?” and chief, scared as can be, said, “I left at the place of my distress call.” The instructor promptly said to the chief, “go get that gun and never let it  leave your side.” Chief returned by saying “YES SIR”.

If you don’t know, Chief has a Doctorate in Psychology and uses it for his law enforcement and many other things. In Closing, Chief says it was the best experience he had in the military and if you are thinking of going in to have goals of what you want out of it. 

* If you are a veteran (or know of one) that wants to tell your story in our Local Veterans section, contact us HERE so we can set up an interview.

Thank You to ALL our Veterans, we are ever grateful!

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