Now That’s Funny! with Garrick – Issue 47

Where My Car Was Made

by Garrick Stubblefield

As I told you in Issue 46 about the oil another thing had come up. I was driving down the road and my check engine light came on. I went to the local auto store and had them possibly diagnose the issue. Sure enough they did but as I got a print out of the diagnosis I had spotted another fault. It happens to be the odometer reading. I went right back to the auto shop and they were stunned also. We both saw that there was a significant difference in the mileage.

So, I did some investigation and the last stop was our local Nissan dealership and the gentleman said with a little laugh I bet your car was made in Canada. He explained to me what to do to assure me that was the problem. When my wife got home from work, I immediately went to check the things out and they were all good to go. So, remember not all cars and trucks are made in the USA. Also when you are doing conversions you use the correct ones. Mine happen to be kilometers to miles.

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