Past Event – LWV Webinar on Popular Vote

League of Women Voters Offered Webinar on “National Popular Vote”

Submitted by Faith Schoon, League of Women Voters of Berrien & Cass Counties
Press Release – Niles, MI – February 20, 2023

Past Event:

The League of Women Voters of Berrien and Cass Counties has announced plans to broadcast a webinar discussing the National Popular Vote (NPV) on Monday, Feb. 27 at 7:00 p.m.

National Popular Vote has been leading the campaign to fix the electoral college and elect the president by national popular vote since its founding in 2006 with the creation of the National Popular Vote bill. 

For the past 17 years, National Popular Vote has done extensive lobbying, education, and coalition building advocating for this bill in all 50 states.  Michigan first passed the National Popular Vote bill in 2008, and after 15 years of work, the League believes that 2023 will be the year that Michigan joins the National Popular Vote compact.

National Popular Vote is supported by a broad state coalition including ACLU Michigan, Common Cause Michigan, League of Women Voters of Michigan, Mothering Justice, Michigan Democratic Party, People for the American Way, and Stand Up America.


In presidential elections, every vote should be equal, and the candidate with the most votes in all 50 states and DC should be elected president. That isn’t how the current electoral college system works, and five of our 46 presidents have won the election while losing the popular vote. This causes unnecessary division and mistrust and leads to needless recounts and endless litigation.

Michigan state legislators have the power and duty to be a part of fixing the electoral college by passing the National Popular Vote bill in 2023. The National Popular Vote bill has been passed by 15 states and DC, representing 195 of the 270 electoral votes needed to make the National Popular Vote bill take effect. 

Members of the public now have the opportunity to join staff from NPV in order to learn how this bill works, how close it is to reality, and how they can be a part of making every vote equal in presidential elections.  

 The League of Women Voters of Berrien and Cass Counties invites members of the public to visit the League’s website — — so that they can register for the NPV webinar.

About presenter Eileen Reavey:
Eileen Reavey (at left) has been working on National Popular Vote since 2016. As the National Grassroots Director, she builds momentum and support for this issue nationwide and trains volunteers to be organizers and informed advocates. The League of Women Voters (LWV) is a nonpartisan, grassroots nonprofit dedicated to empowering everyone to fully participate in our democracy. With active Leagues in all 50 states and more than 750 Leagues across the country, League members engage in advocacy, education, litigation, and organizing to protect every American’s freedom to vote.

About League of Women Voters of Berrien/Cass Counties: The LWVBCC, a nonpartisan political organization, encourages informed and active participation in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy.

Contact: Faith Schoon, President

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