Past Event – Buchanan Bands and Choirs at District

Buchanan Bands and Buchanan Choirs at District

Submitted by Deanna Russell, Buchanan Band and Choir Director

Buchanan Bands: Your Buchanan Middle School 7th and 8th Grade Band earned Straight Division I ratings at MSBOA District Festival Today (Thursday, March 9)! Not only that, but the students earned all As and a B!

Buchanan Choirs: On Saturday, February 04, High school choir went to district solo and ensemble festival and earned a division II rating. Middle school choir went to district choral festival on Tuesday, February 28, and earned a division II rating. Both Choirs received fantastic comments from both the presiding, clinicians, & several district directors in attendance.

About Buchanan Bands: The Buchanan Band program serves students grades 6-12, and is an integral part of the school district and community.  The band’s rich history evokes a deep sense of pride for both current members and alumni.  Serving over 175 students district wide, the Buchanan Bands continue to provide musically-minded students a dynamic education in music, offering instruction in most wind and percussion instruments.  Students experiencing the program in it’s entirety will have a myriad of performance opportunities afforded them.  School concerts, festivals, competitions, Solo and Ensemble, honors bands, and guest clinicians to name a few. 

Director: Mrs. Deanna Russell

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