Now That’s Funny! with Garrick – Issue 50

My First Week in a Manufacturing Job

by Garrick Stubblefield

So, back in 1996 I wanted to get out of the food industry and try some manufacturing as it paid more. The first week was a such a bear but I made it through all the laughter and teasing because I was able to do it to the next hire that came into the department, and of course we all know that it isn’t nice to make fun of a new hire but it works itself out in the long run.

My first assignment for that first week was to go to the back of the wash tank and get the supervisor a hot bucket of steam. I was trying to do as I was told and about noon I told the supervisor that I couldn’t fulfill his request. He replied to me by saying, “That’s ok since there is no way you can do that task anyway.” So, after that I smiled and walked away.

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