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May at Buchanan District Library

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In the case of good books, the point is not to see how many of them you can get through, but rather how many can get through to you.

Mortimer J. Adler

All The Feels – Winter Reading


Summer Reading is almost here! We’re gearing up for a fantastic summer of challenges, programs, prizes, and of course, reading! This summer we’re All Together Now and adults, teens, and kids can participate in one points-based reading program!

Look for Summer Reading brochures to be available soon at the library with information about our MANY children’s programs. Sign-up for the Summer Reading Program starting June 1!


Jan 4, Feb 1, Mar 1, Apr 5, May 3, Jun 7,
Jul 5, Aug 2, Sep 6, Oct 4, Nov 1, Dec 6

Come join our book discussion! The Buchanan Book Club meets the first Wednesday of the month from 6:00–7:00pm at the library. Please email laura.hauch@buchananlibrary.com if you’d like to join the club/contact list.

Don’t have the book and the library’s copy is checked out? We can get it for you through MeLCat interlibrary loan! Go to www.mel.org or ask at the Front Desk to request it.

Thursday, May 11 ~ 11am-12pm
Friday, May 12 ~ 5:30-6:30pm

Create unique jewelry from broken ceramic plates. Sign up by calling 269.695.3681. Space is limited and is first come, first served. *Note: This class is currently full. We are looking into a larger venue so we can accommodate more people. If you would like to be added to the wait list, please call the library.

Friday, June 2 ~ 6-7pm

Early in June, join us for an open mic night at the library! Think “grown-up show & tell.” Enjoy an evening with fellow artists, musicians, and poets to share original works. Perform a song, poem, story, comedy routine, or bring a visual art piece and tell us about it! Sign-up is required for performers/presenters. Click here to sign up!


Check out a FREE pass to River of Life Yoga at Buchanan District Library!

STARTS: Saturday, June 17
SAVE THE DATE: Wednesday, August 30

In partnership with One Buchanan, this event brings our town together to read one book over the summer and then get together for a discussion on the Common. This year the book is The Other Side of the River by Alex Kotlowitz. Visit the library’s website to sign up to receive a free copy of the book (for you to keep). Pick up your copy at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday, June 17, or anytime after at the library. Save the date for the discussion event on Wednesday, August 30 at 6pm on the Common, which will include a conversation with the author, Alex Kotlowitz. 
Click here for more information and to sign up.


Be part of our Community Cookbook! Also in partnership with One Buchanan, the library is bringing you recipes from our diverse community. Pick up printed recipes at the library and around town. If you would like to submit a recipe, a form is available on our website. We hope you enjoy this first recipe for Arroz Con Gandules from Sonia Rodriguez! 


Our Seed Library is now open! More than 100 varieties of flower, garden vegetable, herb, and native plant seeds are available for you to take home and plant in your garden. At the end of the season, harvest some seeds and bring them back to the library to help sustain our collection year after year!


Wednesdays, 11am-12pm
March 1 through May 17

Join us for music, songs, dance, and stories! Recommended for ages 2–6 but families with children of all ages are welcome.

Wednesdays, 2:30-3:30pm
March 8 through May 17

Come hang out with Ms. Jen and fellow teens at the library. Play games, do crafts, and just chillax!

Friday, May 19, 1-3pm

Drop in for board games, video games, crafts, and snacks with Ms. Jen at the library!

Through June 20

Take a walk, read a book!
Chikaming Open Lands is hosting Storywalk On The Preserve again this year! Check out four different stories at four different area preserves through June 20. Buchanan’s Storywalk is at Burns Prairie Preserve on Mt. Zion Rd. At the end of the Storywalk there are Zinnia seeds that you can take home and plant in your garden! 
Learn more here.

Tutor.com – Available with your library card or in the library!

Tutor.com provides on-demand tutoring, homework help, test preparation and writing assistance for students in grades K-Adult in over 60 subjects, as well as career coaches who are available to help navigate online job sites, complete applications, write/review resumes and cover letters, and even practice for an interview! No appointment is necessary! Tutors/coaches are available online 9:00am–12:00am.

You can also use their drop-off reviews, practice quizzes, video lessons, and The Princeton Review® SAT®/ACT® Essentials and GMAT®, GRE®, LSAT® and MCAT® Practice Tests for self-study, 24/7. Tutor.com is accessible with your library card number, or while using the library’s internet. Get started here!

Questions? Visit our website, stop by the library, or give us a call at 269.695.3681. Click HERE to learn more on our website.


Revenge of the Librarians
Tom Gauld

Tom Gauld returns with his wittiest and most trenchant collection of literary cartoons to date. Perfectly composed drawings are punctuated with the artist’s signature brand of humour, hitting high and low. After all, Gauld is just as comfortable taking jabs at Jane Eyre and Game of Thrones.

Some particularly favoured targets include the pretentious procrastinating novelist, the commercial mercenary of the dispassionate editor, the willful obscurantism of the vainglorious poet. Quake in the presence of the stack of bedside books as it grows taller! Gnash your teeth at the ever-moving deadline that the writer never meets! Quail before the critic’s incisive dissection of the manuscript! And most importantly, seethe with envy at the paragon of creative productivity!

Parenting a Teen Who Has Intense Emotions
Pat Harvey & Britt H. Rathbone

The teen years can be daunting for any parent. But if you are the parent of a teen who lashes out or engages in troubling behavior, you may be unsure of how to respond to your child in a compassionate, constructive way. In this important book, two renowned experts in teen mental health offer you evidence-based skills for dealing with your teen’s out-of-control emotions using proven-effective dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT).

Helping your teen to effectively deal with their feelings now can have a lasting, positive impact on their future. After all, honing skills for emotion regulation will act as a foundation for your teen’s overall mental health. This book will help your teen gain awareness of their emotions, and offers tools to help them choose how to respond to these emotions in effective ways.

Live Your Truth and Other Lies
Alisa Childers

Are you tired of feeling like you have to check social media to find out what you’re supposed to think? Are you weary of the latest self-help books that promise to set you free but only imprison you with laundry lists of studies to consider, positive affirmations to recite, and Facebook groups to join? We’ve all seen the memes that populate the internet: live your truth, follow your heart, you only have one life to live. They sound nice and positive. But what if these slogans are actually lies that unhinge us from reality and leave us anxious and exhausted? Another Gospel? author Alisa Childers invites you to examine modern lies that are disguised as truths in today’s culture. Everyday messages of peace, fulfillment, and empowerment swirl around social media. On the surface, they seem like sentiments of freedom and hope, but in reality they are deeply deceptive.


3-Dish Buffet Server & Food Warmer:
Serve crowd favorites prepared in the electric buffet server’s 3 oven-safe chafing pans on the food warming tray or serve food from your own heat-safe dishes and pans kept warm on the tray. The buffet server provides consistent, adjustable heat to keep food warm for hours. Easily adjust with the turn of the dial. Once set, the buffet server cycles on and off to maintain the right temperature. The stainless steel pans that come with the electric warming tray are dishwasher safe, and the lids can be easily wiped clean or rinsed clean in the sink.

Paint Sprayer:
The Wagner Flexio 570 takes the work out of a wide range of indoor and outdoor painting and staining projects. It has the power to spray unthinned paints coating broad surfaces like siding, garages, walls and ceilings. The user friendly adjustments result in complete control with low overspray and consistent coverage. Cleaning is faster than a brush or roller with a few removable parts that separate and rinse clean.

Two-Person Tent:
This two-person backpacking tent could be set up with the included trekking poles or any two sticks longer than 46 inches in under two minutes. This A-frame tent is designed with two A-frame net and fabric double-layer doors. These doors provide better ventilation and reduced condensation. This tent also offers two large vestibules to store backpacks or shoes during your adventure.

CLICK HERE to learn how to become an LoT patron at the Buchanan District Library!

New Beanstack Challenges!

The library has made new on-going challenges for kids and teens and a seasonal challenge for adults on our Beanstack site to encourage everyone to be a life-long reader!

1000 Books Before Kindergarten: This challenge promotes early literacy skills for children from birth to age six and encourages parent and child bonding through reading. Reading helps build social and emotional skills, sparks creativity and imagination, and helps kids do well overall in school. It doesn’t matter if your child is three, or just three months – there’s no better time to start than now!  Take that motivation, open one book, and get started. And remember, 1000 is just a number. The goal is to work reading aloud into your regular routine, and let the magic of stories do the rest.  This is an ongoing challenge with no end date, and readers can participate in this challenge at the same time as other challenges. Parents, don’t forget to pick up your welcome packet at the library.

500 Books Before Middle School: Kids ages 5-11, are you up to the challenge? Read 500 books before middle school! Log your reading to earn badges along the way. Every 100 books you read earns you a pin-on button! This is an ongoing challenge with no end date, and readers can participate in this challenge at the same time as other challenges.

100 Books Before Graduation: Teens and pre-teens ages 11-19, read 100 books before graduating, log your reading in Beanstack, and earn a new set of badges, as well as a pin-on button at 50 and 100 books! This is an ongoing challenge with no end date, and readers can participate in this challenge at the same time as other challenges.

Genre Challenge 2023: Challenge yourself to read beyond what you can imagine and explore new genres! This challenge runs from January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023, and readers can participate in this challenge at the same time as other challenges.


or find the challenges in the BEANSTACK app!


Did you know you can request materials for the library to purchase? To make a request, log into your LIBRARY  ACCOUNT (in the upper right-hand corner, use your library card number and 10-digit phone number), click on the Reserves/Requests tab, and click the request link.

Buchanan District Library now has an app!
Now it’s super easy to search our catalog, reserve and renew items, checkout eBooks and digital audiobooks, stay informed about library events, and more! Here’s how to get started:
Download the myLIBRO app
– Go to your app store and download the myLIBRO app.
Set up your account
– Search for Buchanan District Library and log in with your library card number and phone number (PIN).
– Add family members by swiping sideways on the blue account box and tapping “Add library card.”
– To switch accounts, swipe to the account you wish to use and tap “Activate” in the top left of the blue account box.
Questions? Visit our website, stop by the library, or give us a call at 269.695.3681.

The library is always closed Sundays & Mondays.

Thank you for being part of the Buchanan District Library!

About Buchanan District Library: Our mission is to provide quality material, superior programming and exceptional services delivered with care and integrity to meet the needs of our diverse community.

Contact: Meg Paulette, Director


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