Community Press Release – Munchie Mondays Food Trucks Coming to Buchanan

Buchanan Announces “Munchie Mondays” and Welcomes Food Trucks Downtown

Submitted by Ashley Regal, City of Buchanan Main Street Manager/Assistant Director of Community Development
Buchanan, MI – April 18, 2022

Brace yourselves. Summer is coming. Summer in Buchanan looks like picnic tables coming out of storage, finalized outdoor concert line-ups, and full farmer’s market stalls. This year, summer in downtown Buchanan will feature outdoor dining bigger and better than ever before.    

Buchanan Michigan’s downtown development team, LiveBuchanan, has begun a promotional event to attract area food trucks and promote outdoor dining in Buchanan. Munchie Mondays, as they are calling it, is a once a week promotion where food trucks will be stationed along Days Avenue in downtown Buchanan and downtown restaurants promote pick-up and window service options. Attendees are encouraged to buy their orders to go or stop by the new “food truck alley” and dine outdoors at our public outdoor seating areas. 

Munchie Mondays Roll Into Buchanan this Summer, Image provided by LiveBuchanan

“Days Avenue is the perfect place to localize this event,” says LiveBuchanan Manager, Ashley Regal, “It’s historically the main entrance into town, so it’s a nice wide road, lined with trees, and of course, is a strong connection point between our downtown, McCoy Creek, and The Common,” Buchanan’s outdoor concert venue. 

Fliers for Munchie Mondays feature the tagline “Roll into Buchanan.” This, coupled with Buchanan’s preeminent cannabis dispensaries, makes it hard to believe the name was an accident. “We realize the name is a bit tongue-in-cheek,” says Regal, “but we figured it was a fun way to engage our community, welcome visitors, and get the word out about this event.”  

Promotional event kicks off Monday, May 15th and runs through summer ending July 31st . Food trucks can always apply to participate in this and other events by filling out the food truck application at

About LiveBuchanan: Our mission is to preserve, improve, and revitalize downtown Buchanan, the core of our community. LiveBuchanan is an organization whose task it is to coordinate communication and promotion, make design improvements, and encourage ongoing economic development by leveraging our unique history, culture and physical assets.

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