Community Press Release – National Music Week 2023

National Music Week will be May 7-12, 2023

Submitted by Carol Kent


National Music Week is sponsored!by The National Federation of Music Clubs. Monday Musical Club is a local chapter that offers monthly concerts, grants and scholarships. for more information contact

National Music Week is celebrating 100 years of supporting performers, composers, music education and appreciation of the arts.

As mentioned with our theme, we are encouraging exploring many kinds of music. Perhaps this is the time to find out more about the music of other countries. What instruments are being used there. A good source for researching different instruments is: the Musical Instrument Museum at There is a virtual tour. Other sources: You Tube, endless possibilities, search by artist, genre, instrument, country; APPLE Music, SiriusXm has many choices.

Enjoy National Music Week and expand your listening choices!

You can view a past article on Music Week here.

National Music Week 2023 flyer

National Music Week has as its objective “to create an understanding and appreciation of the value of music in the home, the community, the nation, and the world.” National Music Week is sponsored by the National Federation of Music Clubs (NFMC).

Additional information on the history of National Music Week may be obtained in the book “National Music Week” by Charles M. Tremaine.

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