Local Leadership – BACC Welcomes New Executive Director Brandon DeJaynes

Brandon DeJaynes, New Executive Director at Buchanan Area Chamber of Commerce

by Rebecka Hoyt, Editor & Photographer; Jen Garry, Publisher

In Brandon DeJaynes’ first month as the new Executive Director of the Buchanan Area Chamber of Commerce, he is meeting and getting to know many people.  He’s also been training on Quickbooks. He states that his role is to “Garner and foster new memberships, be a catalyst for ideas.”

Working at The Livery in Benton Harbor for 18 years, plus doing what he does now for 9 years, has given him many years of experience in entertainment and business. While at The Livery, Brandon has booked bands, artists to come in for special events, and concerts. While having this energy at The Livery, he likes how he can use his energy and time with the Buchanan Area Chamber of Commerce as it fits nicely into the community.

Just after he started his new position, the ribbon cutting ceremony happened for Fifteen-2-Twelve Evelyn Mae’s BBQ grand opening. He also experienced the Chili Walk where his chili was at Lehman’s Farmhouse and said that he ran out in the first thirty minutes and had to go back home and get the other pot off the stove, and was thankful that he lived nearby! Brandon is a people person who enjoys some light humor and is very approachable. He wants to “unlock the doors and open them up so others can come in and buy and support our local community. I want the Ma & Pa shops to have at least more attention and help them with promotions and sales, and once again paint Buchanan as the “Nicest Place in America.”

Brandon lived in central Illinois, then moved to Lapeer, MI east of Flint. He has lived in Buchanan for the past 11 years with his wife, 3.5 year-old son, 1.5 year-old daughter, and their pet dog. He likes to play golf with friends here in town, listen to music, and enjoys camping, RV, the dunes, and visiting Torch Lake with the family.

Contact Info:
Brandon DeJaynes
Buchanan Area Chamber of Commerce
324 E. Dewey St., Ste. 210
PO Box 127
Buchanan, MI 49107

Buchanan Area Chamber of Commerce Membership Annual Dues:
Citizen Supporter/Individual: $50
Non-Profit Organization: $100
Single Owner Business/Sole Proprietorship: $150
Regular Business: $200; $4/employee

About Buchanan Area Chamber of Commerce: Since 1960, the Chamber has promoted a spirit of community in order to enhance the growth, prosperity, and quality of life in the Buchanan area. Life truly is better here!


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