The Clark Barker – Issue 51

Spring Walk Trash Talk!

Don’t be a litterbug I say! I have been enjoying nice, long walks since spring has started! There are little flowers sprouting up and blooming, so the view is getting better compared to little twigs, and brown grass that is turning green.

Nose down into all the smells, I’ve noticed quite a lot of litter, some fresh and some that melt has revealed from under snowbanks. Out on our walks, my human has started a new habit: using one of my dog waste bags, they put their hand inside it, pick up any trash we encounter, and tie it up to throw away when we come across a trash can or when we get back home.

So, maybe while you’re out with your canine or just going for a walk by yourself, take a plastic grocery bag or even a bread bag that you have saved and perhaps pick up some trash and make our city nicer looking for everyone. And if you have some gloves to pick up trash or a grabber tool, take those, along with another human so that I don’t run off from you.

Now, I know that there are times that you’re not prepared to pick up trash. Perhaps remember where that trash is and then hopefully someone will see it and pick it up, or just go back out at a later time with a bag and pick it up. We all have to do our part, and I don’t mind if I go back out another time or stay on the walk a little longer. You know I love the outdoors!

Also, a reminder to the humans that walk my furry canine friends: yes, we have to do our duty, so please remember to pick up after us (I believe I heard my owner say that it’s a city ordinance). Help me and my humans to enjoy the view on our walks in the “Nicest Place in America,” Buchanan, Michigan! Woof-Woof!

City of Buchanan, Code of Ordinances (effective Nov 16 1995, updated Aug 22 2011), Sections 12-3 & 12-4

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