Local Arts – Confectionery Clay at 29th Art Attack

Confectionery Clay at 29th Annual Art Attack Held in Harbor Country

by Rebecka Hoyt, Editor & Photographer

Recently I learned about Art Attack from a Buchanan baker, Darya Lemay with her new business Confectionery Clay that is held in Harbor Country on the west side of Berrien County. On April 28 – 30th, all were able to go to local art businesses/museums and see what they offered.

Darya has partnered with Emeritus Cameron Covert as he makes and paints pottery and Darya’s tasteful snacks adorn his plates and bowls. My family and I came to their place of business and had some samples of the desserts as well as seeing the pottery of bowls, platters, and wine glasses up close.

Make your way up into the art studio for these finds. A picture of a trip in South Africa is next to a platter that he painted with that building from the photo. He also has jewelry and framed photos. Cameron has very unique wine glasses to go with many decors, and you will notice the blue color he uses quite often in his pottery.

Come to the table that is ready to serve the desserts that range from: lucky lemon cookies, almond cookies and more as well as a small glass of wine. These desserts and pottery pieces would make a great addition to your dining table or with your tea and coffee.

After this first stop, we went to a couple of other places, one in Bridgman where a glass studio is, called Fusion Gallery & Studio where you can take glass art classes. I just may join a class or two there after the artwork I saw! Then, Elsie Earl Studios in New Buffalo had a free event where you paint a Christmas ornament or a mini bird. My daughter Julie and I did that as my husband, Tom, took some pictures of us while we enjoyed some light hearted music that put us at ease.

Attending Art Attack does take some planning to do if you’re not familiar with the area, but they have a website and map of the various locations. Some places have free events, and they mention that in the brochure. So, try to keep this in mind for next year or just to go to these places during the warmer weather if you want to explore some art. There are also various restaurants in the area. We finally stopped for our first time at Red Arrow Roadhouse in Union Pier that has great food and you won’t go hungry either. If you’re into the outdoors and wildlife, you will fit right in. But then if you’re not, just go for the food or drinks! I have heard they have ribs on Monday nights, which Tom is looking forward to.

Here are some links for more information on these places:
Confectionery Clay 
Fusion Gallery & Studio on Facebook
Red Arrow Roadhouse

About Confectionery Clay: Confectionery Clay is a retail Ceramic Gallery and Cafe in Union Pier MI

Confectionery Clay Facebook Page

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