The Clark Barker – Issue 52

Spring Grasses

What a crazy spring this has been, hasn’t it? My owner tells me that the state of Michigan has some wild weather in the springtime – and sometimes the weather just can’t make up its mind! With the recent rain, my human and their neighbors have been mowing their yards. I just love it after they get done mowing, and I can roll in the freshly, mowed grass. There’s just something about it. Hmmm, maybe it’s the smell of the fresh-cut grass!

Anyways, as we have been on walks, some sidewalks have grass clippings on them. If you can, try to remember to have your grass clippings stay in the grass and not on the sidewalk, or not in the street as the City of Buchanan has reminded the public on their Facebook page from years past as I glanced at my human’s computer while they were on Facebook. The grass clippings can get into the sewer and also be a hazard for others while on bicycles, motorcycles or walkers. I have seen people take their leaf blowers/rakes to move the grass clippings away from the sidewalk and/or street. I also heard that they can get slippery too. And it just looks nicer when a sidewalk/street is cleaner.

So just a few tips from the Candid Canid. Enjoy the fresh, bright colors of spring that line our yards and streets!

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