Our Forty-Second Issue • December 17 2022

Welcome to Our Forty-Second Issue, Our Last Issue of 2022!
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Local Business – LIGHTS at Fernwood

LIGHTS at Fernwood Returns for 2022 by Rebecka Hoyt, Editor & Photographer and Jen Garry, Publisher A year-long project is now on display known as “Lights at Fernwood” at Fernwood…

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Upcoming Event – Soul Shop at BCC

Soul Shop Suicide Prevention Trainings Greetings Ministry and Community Colleagues, I am writing to share with you once again about Soul Shop, which Buchanan Christian Church is privileged to bring…

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Past Event – BASC Holiday Party

BASC Holiday Party 2022 by Garrick Stubblefield On December 13, 2022 I was invited to the holiday party at by the Buchanan Area Senior Center. Even though I am not at…

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Puzzler Page – Issue 42

Puzzler Page – Issue 42 by Garrick Stubblefield Hello everyone that is viewing this page. I started doing puzzles for about 6-7 months in The Buchanan Chronicle. Just remember that…

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Remembering – Issue 42

Remembering – Issue 42 Buchanan Losses • 11/29-12/11 NameAgeBornDiedLorraine Marie Markward93February 19, 1929December 11, 2022Charles “Charlie” R. Stark98September 26, 1924December 11, 2022Thomas J. Hamilton62March 1, 1960December 9, 2022Reatha Joan Base92December…

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The Clark Barker – Issue 42

Happy Holidays 2022 from The Clark Barker First a reminder, my owner tells me that you can receive a citation if your sidewalk isn’t clear of snow and ice in…

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Now That’s Funny! – Issue 42

Now That’s Funny! – Issue 42 by Thomas Hoyt, Writer If we all think back to when we were in high school, we all can remember the different cliques or…

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