Our Thirty-Ninth Issue • November 05 2022

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Past Event – Trek-or-Treat 2022

17th Annual Trek-or-Treat 2022 by Rebecka Hoyt, Editor & Photographer 978 kids and 905 adults made their way along McCoy Creek Trail for the 17th annual Trek-or-Treat on Saturday, October…

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Buchanan District Library – November 2022

November at Buchanan District Library Shared with permission from Buchanan District Library monthly newsletter “Let’s be reasonable and add an eighth day to the week that is devoted exclusively to…

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Homeschooling Spotlight – November 2022

Local Homeschooling Fall 2022 Text and Photos Shared with Permission from Posts by Ashley Hanson Yesterday’s lessons had some cool by-products. More kombucha fermenting with new flavors that add even…

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BCS Superintendent’s Note – November 2022

A November Note from our BCS Superintendent by Patricia Robinson, Buchanan Community Schools Superintendent We recently ended our first quarter and Parent-Teacher Conferences which were held November 2nd and 3rd…

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Remembering – Issue 39

Remembering – Issue 39 Buchanan Losses • 10/17-10/30 NameAgeBornDiedEdna “Kaye” Johnson78November 7, 1943October 30, 2022Joe Henry James, Sr.87January 2, 1935October 28, 2022Judith “Judy” Ann (Probst) Stone77June 7, 1945October 28, 2022Lucky…

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Now That’s Funny! – Issue 39

Now That’s Funny! – Issue 39 by Thomas Hoyt, Writer This year for Halloween, I have noticed a growing popularity for costumes that inflate. I am sure we have all…

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The Clark Barker – Issue 39

It’s Raining Leaves! We all know that it’s leaf pick up time! However, when those leaves are wet, it’s a pain and more and more comes down. How we long…

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Police Points – Call Log Issue 39

Police Call Log : 10/03 – 10/16 Buchanan City Police Department DescriptionTotal Calls of TypeSex Offenses5Parental Kidnapping0Larceny1Larceny – Theft from Motor Vehicle0Fraud1UDAA (Motor Vehicle Theft)0Aggravated Assault0Non-Aggravated/Domestic Violence8Family/Other0Burglary/Unlawful Entry1Intimidation/Stalking3Forgery/Counterfeiting0Retail Fraud Complaint0Damage…

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