Health Huddle – NP at Redbud Health Services

New Nurse Practitioner at Redbud Health Services By Teresa Green We are pleased to announce that Tammie Riess, ANP-BC, CBDCE, has agreed to join our Redbud Health Services clinic. Redbud Health Services is located inside Redbud Fitness & Lifestyle Center, 500 E 3rd Street in Buchanan, MI. Many Buchanan residents have seen Tammie for theirContinue reading “Health Huddle – NP at Redbud Health Services”

A Note from the Editor and Publisher – Issue 01

by Rebecka Hoyt, Editor, and Jen Garry, Publisher Thank you for turning on your electronic device today whether it be a computer, tablet, smart phone, iPad, etc… to read the first issue of The Buchanan Chronicle! Since today, Saturday, March 20, 2021, is the first day of spring, we thought that it would be aContinue reading “A Note from the Editor and Publisher – Issue 01”

Local Business – Pinnacle Emporium

Pinnacle Emporium Opens Buchanan Shop By Nik Sanchez What does Pinnacle Emporium mean? Well, pinnacle is the most successful point or the culmination of something or business. Emporium means a wide variety of goods, put those words together and you have created a successful business in a growing market. Pinnacle Emporium offers a professional, sustainable,Continue reading “Local Business – Pinnacle Emporium”

BCS School Spotlight – Ottawa Elementary March 2021

Ottawa Elementary School Spotlight By Rebecka Hoyt, Buchanan Chronicle Editor, and Stacey Denison, Ottawa Principal To spotlight our local students and their amazing work, this section is going to focus on one school per issue. Student’s artwork/writing will be shared in this space to show off their talent and perhaps a word from their principalContinue reading “BCS School Spotlight – Ottawa Elementary March 2021”

Buchanan’s News – Issue 01

The Newspaper Lives On! By Rebecka Hoyt Welcome to our first online issue of The Buchanan Chronicle! We are so glad you decided to read it today. My name is Rebecka Hoyt, the Editor of The Buchanan Chronicle. When I heard The Paper (Buchanan’s most recent print newspaper) ceased business this January, I was saddened.Continue reading “Buchanan’s News – Issue 01”

Local Clubs – Buchanan College Club

Buchanan College Club since 1922 By Sarah Gault The Buchanan College Club was formed in 1922 to unite the college women of Buchanan to work on the educational, civic, and social issues of the Buchanan community. The purpose of the club is to provide interest-free loans for advanced education to Buchanan High School graduates. AnyContinue reading “Local Clubs – Buchanan College Club”

BCS Superintendent’s Note – March 2021

A Note from BCS Superintendent by Patricia Robinson, Buchanan Community Schools Superintendent There was no handbook on how to survive a pandemic available last March when our country shut down during the onset of the Coronavirus outbreak. Now, almost a year later we remain in the state of navigating through a time of uncertainty. OurContinue reading “BCS Superintendent’s Note – March 2021”

Buchanan Sports – Intro

Cook to Writer! By Nik Sanchez Hey welcome to the sports corner, my name is Nik Sanchez. I currently reside in the “Nicest Place in America” Buchanan, but I am originally from Chicago. I am a huge Chicago sports fan and can appreciate any type of memorabilia involving sports. The teams I support are theContinue reading “Buchanan Sports – Intro”

Mayor’s Memo – Spring in Buchanan

Spring in Buchanan! By Mayor Sean Denison It’s an exciting time to live in Buchanan. The weather is changing of course, but there is so much more than that to look forward to this Spring. Vaccinations are being carried out in an attempt to end the pandemic, government restrictions are being relaxed, and all ofContinue reading “Mayor’s Memo – Spring in Buchanan”

Local Business – J.KRU Sweets

J.KRU Sweets: A Sweet Business to Sweeten your Easter Baskets! By Rebecka Hoyt If you have not heard by now, Buchanan has a chocolate company! Jen & Joe Krueger reopened up their in-home licensed kitchen, J.KRU SWEETS on October 15, 2020. They had previously operated under the Cottage Law from 2017-2019. So, what influenced JenContinue reading “Local Business – J.KRU Sweets”