Community Events – National Night Out

Police-Community Partnership – National Night Out by Rebecka Hoyt, Editor National Night Out was this last Tuesday, August 3, 2021 at McCoy Creek Recreation Area from 6pm – 9pm. This nationally observed event is a chance for community safety departments to come together and for the community to get to know them better. Tons ofContinue reading “Community Events – National Night Out”

Nature Notes – Issue 09

Bird Feeder Challenges and Tips by Jill K. McDonald Have you ever put up a bird feeder or two in your yard with hopes to attract a variety of birds? Perhaps you’ve had a few frustrations along the way.  You may have intended to attract certain birds with no luck thus far or perhaps you’veContinue reading “Nature Notes – Issue 09”

Local Faith – Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Neighbors Helping Neighbors Washing Windows of Downtown Businesses by Rebecka Hoyt, Editor and Photographer If you saw some groups of people washing windows downtown Buchanan last Saturday morning, July 31, 2021 you were not seeing things. The Neighbors Helping Neighbors group and others from Buchanan Christian Church on 112 W. 3rd Street, provided a freeContinue reading “Local Faith – Neighbors Helping Neighbors”

Bucktown Then and Now – Getting Started! Part II

by Van Young Part Two of Getting Started! Feel free to go back to our 8th issue if you haven’t read Part One of Getting Started. The popularity of jazz at that time was due to a lot of radio jazz shows, hometown Dixieland bands, traveling jazz bands, etc. On Sunday nights Stud and IContinue reading “Bucktown Then and Now – Getting Started! Part II”

Buchanan Sports – Olympian Hannah Roberts

Hometown Hero Brings Home Silver Medal by The Buchanan Chronicle Team Saturday evening (July 31, 2021) at Buchanan Common was hopping, when approximately 1,400 Buchanan citizens came out to watch Olympian Hannah Roberts earn the silver medal at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics! Most of our team was able to attend and experience this greatContinue reading “Buchanan Sports – Olympian Hannah Roberts”

Mayor’s Memo – My Sincere Apologies

My Sincere Apologies… by Mayor Sean Denison Over the course of the last week or so, I have heard from a considerable number of residents concerning the switch in waste haulers for the city. They were shocked to find out last minute that the city had contracted with a new waste hauler, and they feltContinue reading “Mayor’s Memo – My Sincere Apologies”

Buchanan History – Pears Mill

Exploring Pears Mill with The Buchanan Chronicle by Rebecka Hoyt, Editor Have you been to Pears Mill lately, or how about, have you ever been to Pears Mill? (Did you know it’s pronounced “PEERS”?) When you come to the Farmers’ Market, I am sure that you noticed Pears Mill is open. It is only openContinue reading “Buchanan History – Pears Mill”

Buchanan District Library – August 2021

Hello from the Buchanan District Library BARBECUE FUNDRAISER: We are excited that Wood, Stock, & Grill will be sponsoring our Barbecue Fundraiser on August 20 at the Commons during the Keller Williams show. Purchase tickets for $15 online at or stop in the library! Dinner includes ribs, chicken, coleslaw, and a role. The libraryContinue reading “Buchanan District Library – August 2021”

Local Family – Fun in Buchanan Parks

Kids Having a Blast in Buchanan Parks! Submitted by Ashley Hanson We have been having a blast at the parks throughout Buchanan this summer so far. Here is the run down so you don’t miss any of the events coming up. Mondays at Ravish Park between 10am and noon is an art, reading, and natureContinue reading “Local Family – Fun in Buchanan Parks”