Mayor’s Memo – June 2022

Flag Language in Buchanan by Mayor Sean Denison Recently, the subject of offensive language on flags being flown in our community came across my desk. I feel obligated by my position to address it here. This is not an opinion piece that leans either way politically, but rather it is a plea for all ofContinue reading “Mayor’s Memo – June 2022”

Mayor’s Memo – Marijuana Revenue

Marijuana Revenue by Mayor Sean Denison This past January I had written in my Mayor’s Memo about how we were spending the revenue that we received from Marijuana excise taxes in 2021.  I explained some of the economic development incentives that we introduced and what their goal was.  This month, the city received another $282 thousand dollars inContinue reading “Mayor’s Memo – Marijuana Revenue”

Mayor’s Memo – MARCHing into Spring

MARCHing into Spring by Mayor Sean Denison There is so much happening that it’s hard to keep track of it all, but here are some highlights: ~ The Buchanan City Commission has declared the month of March as “March for Band” month! ~ The City of Buchanan encourages its residents and business owners to giveContinue reading “Mayor’s Memo – MARCHing into Spring”

Mayor’s Memo – Spring

Growing Buchanan by Mayor Sean Denison “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”  Robert Louis Stevenson I thought of this quote by Robert Louis Stevenson the other day as I drove through town.  There is so much happening.  There are so many new and exciting projectsContinue reading “Mayor’s Memo – Spring”

Mayor’s Memo – Civil Discourse

Civil Discourse by Mayor Sean Denison The last two years have been nothing short of strange.  Our lives and our kids’ lives have been turned upside down.  Remote learning and working from home have become common.  The anxiety and uncertainty have added to the stress we all face on a daily basis.  That stress hasContinue reading “Mayor’s Memo – Civil Discourse”

Mayor’s Memo – Happy New Year

Happy New Year! by Mayor Sean Denison One of the questions I get the most is – what is the city doing with any revenues that it receives from the marijuana industry in town?  The answer is – we are reinvesting it in our community.  Our recently rolled out economic development incentive programs are beingContinue reading “Mayor’s Memo – Happy New Year”

Mayor’s Memo – Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks by Mayor Sean Denison It’s hard to believe that it’s Thanksgiving already.  I’ve often heard that once you are “over the hill”, you pick up speed.  I’m starting to believe it.  Here are a few things that I am thankful for: I am thankful for the gentlemen that sit on the City Commission. Continue reading “Mayor’s Memo – Giving Thanks”

Mayor’s Memo – Good News

Buchanan Good News by Mayor Sean Denison There are so many good things happening in Buchanan right now it’s hard to list all of them, but I wanted to update the readers on just a few highlights: The new wastewater treatment facility is nearing completion and will soon be coming online. This year we haveContinue reading “Mayor’s Memo – Good News”

Mayor’s Memo – We Need Your Input

We Need Your Input! by Mayor Sean Denison The Buchanan Area Recreation Board (BARB) is working to develop a joint parks and recreation plan for Buchanan City and Township. The plan will lay out a 5-year action plan for improving park and recreation facilities and opportunities for the Buchanan community. The BARB needs public inputContinue reading “Mayor’s Memo – We Need Your Input”

Mayor’s Memo – Issue 12

Remembering September 11th by Mayor Sean Denison There are times when I struggle to remember what I had for dinner the night before.  So, if you were to tell me that I would remember what the weather was like on a particular day 20 years ago I would say that you were crazy. But IContinue reading “Mayor’s Memo – Issue 12”