The Clark Barker – Issue 21

Groundhog Day 2022 So, what is this that I hear about Groundhog Day that a groundhog determines if we will have six more weeks of winter or not?! If I saw that groundhog, I would probably be chasing after him if he came out of the hole and stayed there and did not go backContinue reading “The Clark Barker – Issue 21”

The Clark Barker – Issue 19

It’s Cold Outside! Oh wow, is it getting cold outside! My human keeps telling me that one of these days, they are going to put my little snow boots on me. Oh just great…but I really don’t like it when my feet get cold when there is snow and ice with temperatures lower than 20℉.Continue reading “The Clark Barker – Issue 19”

The Clark Barker – Issue 18

Happy Holidays 2021 from The Clark Barker This holiday pup wants to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I hope all my furry friends will receive some pet-friendly gifts in their stockings! Also a gift to all pets, please be courteous to our sensitive ears by not setting offContinue reading “The Clark Barker – Issue 18”

The Clark Barker – Issue 17

The Seasons are a Changin’, Part 2 Well folks, the colder weather has arrived and the snow has been coming. So, this little tidbit is almost like a repeat of the last one. However, it deals with snow removal on the sidewalks. My owner tells me that you can receive a citation if your sidewalkContinue reading “The Clark Barker – Issue 17”

The Clark Barker – Issue 16

The Seasons are a Changin’ We are all aware now that the fall leaves have been falling and soon the trees will be bare, except for those few oaks that like to hold onto some of their leaves. All in preparation for that white stuff that I like to run and hop in. However, IContinue reading “The Clark Barker – Issue 16”

The Clark Barker – Issue 15

Don’t Forget to Turn Your Clocks Back! So, that time of year is here as I have been told by my humans that we gain another hour of sleep and we know this as “Daylight Savings Time Ends” tomorrow, Sunday, November 7, 2021. Before you go to bed tonight, reset those manual clocks or someContinue reading “The Clark Barker – Issue 15”

The Clark Barker – Trick-or-Treat Tips

Some Halloween Trick-or-Treating Tips Since Halloween is before our next issue in November, I thought I would do another short one on Halloween Trick-or-Treating tips for you humans. Trick-or-Treating is from 6:00 – 7:30pm Sunday, October 31. Use glow sticks, clothing reflectors and flashlights while walking on sidewalks/crossing streets/and going into driveways/yards.  Only cross atContinue reading “The Clark Barker – Trick-or-Treat Tips”

The Clark Barker – Issue 14

Kids Being Kids The other day, my Editor and Publisher were driving down one of Buchanan’s main roads as the hydrants were in the process of being flushed. As they came up to an intersection, they noticed a few kids and thought the kids were going to cross the road, but they didn’t, they stoppedContinue reading “The Clark Barker – Issue 14”

The Clark Barker – Issue 13

Have You “Herd”? Next Friday, October 8, 2021 is the Buchanan High School Homecoming Parade! And did you hear that our very own hometown hero, Hannah Roberts, Olympic Silver Medalist of the Women’s BMX is going to be in the parade? The parade starts at 6pm down at the duck pond, then it heads westContinue reading “The Clark Barker – Issue 13”